Jakub Slavkovský

Who am I?

CEO and co-founder of BodyHunters, Bodyhunters production

Jakub Slavkovsky played ice hockey for 10 years. He also participated as a top athlete in hockey's extra league. Jakub is now dedicated to bodybuilding and fitness.

He himself competes in the classic bodybuilding category. Jakub started to working out after an injury while playing hockey, which unfortunately kept him from fulfilling his full potential. Working out has become a part of his life. He passed the professional coaching exam immediately. In his spare time, he increased his expertise in the field of healthy living and exercise. During his university studies in Prague, he also worked as a cook and specializes primarily on healthy recipes. Jakub's true motivaion is to improve his cooking skills and experiences every day. He also focuses on photography and video graphics (video recipes, motivational videos for athletes, know-how ...)

His goal is to continuously improve himself and acquire knowledge and expetience that will be used in co-operation with clients and those, who are interested in their own personal development.

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