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Dear supporters of the "BodyHunters,"

Today, people are bombarded by various "guaranteed diets" and exercise systems. But, humanity does not appear to be getting massively rid of weight and becoming healthier and more beautiful. On the other hand, becoming a nutritional counselor or a fitness trainer appears to be very good business. Many healthy lifestyle followers think that when they stop adding sugar into coffee and replace ordinary buns by whole-grain buns, they will become top athletes in a few days.


... And that's why the idea of giving the widest possible public the maximum objective information, certain tutorials, sets of training and motivation programs was created. It is called "BodyHunters" - a hunt for a better body, for a better "self".

From the very beginning, we try to tell people the truth. we never promise they will lose weight easily or gain muscle mass in the gym without working really hard... but that if they want to change something in their lives, it will take considerable effort and sacrifice. At the same time, we try to convince them that they will experience a lot of fun, pleasure and personal satisfaction with each successful step.

Our desire is to help people in their efforts, to advise them and to motivate them. For this purpose, we have shot hundreds of demonstration videos with instructions on how to properly practice. We interviewed the leading world,  professional experts and top athletes. We recorded so-called motivational videos, and many recipes for good but diet-friendly meals.

To help and inspire sports enthusiasts, we founded also the BodyHunters Team, which brings together a group of top athletes from various sports industries. The team organizes joint events, seminars, concentration, choreography classes, and aesthetic presentations for fitness and bodybuilding contestants, as well as special physical training for other sporting disciplines.

Due to ever-expanding activities, the goal of the BodyHunters brand is to become a "one service organization". Not only for Top Athletes, but also for amateurs who do sport for the joy of it and for everyone willing to do something to create a healthier lifestyle.

BH is a revolutionary on-line program which is at hand whether you in need, have any doubts or just are currious.

BH was invented to dedicate your attitude towards life, health and mindset.