4 tips to strengthen your immune system

2. 3. 2018

1. Sleep deprivation

Irregular sleeping patterns have been correlated to greater chances of getting acute colds. As well as contributing to a sub optimal immune system.

Tip: increase quality & quantity of sleep if you know you’ll be traveling. To increase relaxation, have a quality low GI carbohydrate at dinner. Magnesium will aid in relaxation & deeper sleep as well.

2. Been sick already?

Recurring illness & chronic stress
Are two sure fire ways to be more susceptible to getting sick. US adults catch about 2-4 colds per year.

3. Gut health

Around 70% + of the immune system is located in the gut. During the flu season you can be exposed to all kinds of different micro-organisms, bacteria, & pathogens. You need to make sure the GI barrier is strong to prevent exposure & leaky gut.

Tip: make sure to have quality probiotics. Also specific mushroom extracts have been shown to be very effective at enhancing the immune system. I always have both. Diet matters, if you eat inflammatory foods & consume alcohol. It will affect the immune system.

4. Deficiency in vital nutrients

Vitamin c, vitamin D, & zinc all play a crucial role in the immune system. All forms of immunity can be affected by deficiency in the above mentioned.

Tip: make sure to know what & how much of the above mentioned nutrients you will need daily for your body type. Quality matters! Make sure minerals are chelated & bound to amino acids. Look at the form of zinc, as what type will dictate absorption.

Did you know, that...

The first 30g of protein suppoer the immune system.
The next 30g helps detoxification. So, if complete proteins are low then you may consider upping your intake. In the form of another meal, or shake or EAA combo. This is especially true for women, as they may not get this amount in a day!

*All above information was taught in advanced metabolic analytic courses, icans, & biosignature courses.

Source: Jon McDowell, BodyHunters athlete

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