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2. 2. 2018

3 + 1 (2 + 1, ...)
Traning plan. 3 days of consecutive trainings, 4th day (next) is a free day. The whole cycle repeats.


The combination of two different exercises in a row without a break. The break between the first exercise and start of the second is reduced to a very short transport between the equipment needed.


It's equivalent to the superset with the difference that instead of the two consecutive exercises, you do three.


The gigantic series
It is a group of 4-6 exercises that are being absorbed by the circuit training system with minimum breaks in between the exercises.


Forced reps
The Forced repetitions are based on the principle of practicing in a series up to and beyond the natural possibility of the muscles. After the "muscle weakens", your sparring partner will help you with the other reps.


It's the bodybuilding method to continue in the exercise by reducing the weight at the moment when you reach the so-called "muscular failure" stage.


Eccentric phase
This is the phase of exercise when the muscle stretches. This phase is most often the stage, where the load is returning to the starting position- up against gravity.


Concentric phase
This is the phase of the exercise where the muscle shortens. It is most often the phase of lifting weights.


TUT... "Time Under Tension"

It is the total time of the muscle load during the series. It includes all phases (eccentric, concentric and the extreme). If we perform 10 reps in a tempo like 3011 the TUT would be= 50 seconds.


It is a method to increase the intensity of your workout. It is a division of one series to several "mini-series" with short breaks in between. After reaching the "muscle failure" a practitioner will make a short and necessary pause, after which the practitioner should be able to do a few more reps. This process may be within a series repeated several times.


Bulk (bulking season)
It's an out of the contest preparation, in which bodybuilders seeks to increase muscle size. Misunderstanding of its nature is often referred to as uncontrolled "guzzling".¨This is the most common mistake that appears in the fitness industry. Correctly, it is all about intake of quality food in a caloric excess, in order to gain quality muscle mass with minimal (optimal) fat gain.


WOD ... "workout of the day". We come across this more commonly in CrossFit. This shortcut stands for "training schedule" of the day.


Bodybuilders slang

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