How I lost 30 kg?

6. 11. 2018

My name is Denisa (@deni_sa_s) and I am 29 years old. I´ve encountered a lot of problems pursuing my dream body and would like to share my story with you so that you can avoid making the same mistakes that I did.

     When I look back, I realize that I´ve never been happy with how I looked. I was always a little bit sturdy and chubby – and when puberty hit, I started to experiment with diets. It was thanks to them that I´ve eventually landed on the dangerous path that led me to what is known as an ED (eating disorder). I fluctuated between being plump and scrawny – and I certainly didn´t achieve weight loss by any healthy means. I was too lazy, went partying all the time, and food became a way of dealing with depression.

Then I got pregnant – and instead of eating for two, I began eating for about twenty people. I couldn´t control myself and my post-birth weight added up to nearly 90 kg. But
I did ´t really care back then, since I was so set on enjoying motherhood. All that changed three years later when my daughter entered kindergarten. Finally I could have some time for myself again – and eventually, I started to worry about the way I looked. I tried any and all “super diets,” starved myself, binged, then regretted it and became more and more depressed.

Jak jsem zhubla

     Eventually, I decided to try eating more healthily and regularly. The weight started to go down. It was around that time that my best friend took me to a gym – and I fell in love. Sounds like a happy ending, right? But back then, I knew nothing about healthy diets. I ate healthily, but my portions were too small. I ended up losing enough to get to 52 kg and ended up looking like a shapeless skinny stick. For a time, I felt great though. I had no idea how many nutrients my body really needed to work properly. Gradually, I lost all my strength and was tired all the time. But I was still too obsessed with my own body and hated the way I looked. Due to my low-calorie intake, I started to suffer from a binge eating disorder – and experienced the strong regrets connected with it. I even lost my period! It was a terrible time. Good enough for an article of its own.

     How did I get out of it all, you ask? I took a deep interest in food, started to study it - and to observe and listen to my own body. In other words, I got over my fear of food and literally ate my way through to my dream body.

These three years in my life gave me an immense number of experiences, knowledge, and lessons learned. Most importantly, I finally realized that a thin body will not make you happy. In the same way that one works on their outer appearance, they should also try to work on their inner self. I have lost my motivation so many times – wanted to give up everything – but whatever happened, I never did.

And I am so thankful for that.

I´ve fallen in love with my new lifestyle, and every day I am more and more sure that I can do anything I´ll set my mind to. And I´m sure you can do it too!...

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Jak jsem zhubla

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