Asparagus risotto

Preparation time 60 minutes
Difficulty (1–5) 3
Kcal 396 kcal
Number of portions 3 portions
Vegetable broth
1 l
Arborio rice
250 g
Green asparagus
Olive oil
20 g
4–5 pcs
1–2 cloves
Preparation process

1. Cook the broth
2. Clean the mushrooms, asparagus and cut into pieces
3. In a larger pot, warm up 10g of oil
4. Fry the asparagus and mushrooms for about 10 minutes - add salt, pepper
5. Put the vegetables aside and add another 10g of oil to the same pot
6. Fry onions and grated garlic until golden, then add the rice and rest for a while
7. Add the broth (not at once) - always cook until it absorbs (evaporates) then add some more again.
8. Cook the risotto until it has the desired cream consistency (as per the packaging instructions)

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