Preparation time 10 minutes
Difficulty (1–5) 3
Kcal 334 kcal
Number of portions 1 portion
3 slices (Wholemeal)
1 pc
15 g (Eidam 30%)
Olive oil
5 g
10 g (Schwarzwalder)
10 g
Salad leaves
according to taste
Preparation process
  1. Prepare an ox eye in oil. Together with the egg, also throw one slice of ham on the pan so that it toasts until crispy
  2. In the meantime, bake toasts until golden
  3. Put a little salad on a toast and place the finished bull's eye on top
  4. Put toasted ham and cheese on the second toast (you can also smear it with a thin layer of mustard or ketchup sweetened with stevia)
  5. Fold the toasts on each other and cut them into 2 triangles with a sharp knife.

Enjoy ♥

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