Tatiana Kožuchová

Who am I?

Junior European champion in fitness

Tatiana Kožuchová (* 1999) comes from Zvolen a town in Slovakia. She now operates not only in Slovakia, but also in Germany. Her biggest hobby is sport since childhood, which she does regularly since she was 4 years old and started competing in fitness since 2007. She has individual studies at school, studies with honors and considers education as one of her priorities, Tatianastill manages to do sport even though its time-consuming.

The fitness category consists of two parts - the muscle development and gymnastic choreographies, in which Tatiana greatly excels. In the gymnastic section favors choreographies that contain everything that fitness has, therefore- power elements, acrobatics and dance elements nicely complement the choreography.

Even though Tatiana is in the category, where stronger muscles are required, Tatiana has a strong opinion that a woman's figure must not lose femininity.

Her achievements

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