Curd squares

Preparation time 35 minutes
Difficulty (1–5) 3
Kcal 105 kcal
Number of portions 12 portions
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60 g (low carb mash chocolate)
30 g (chocolate)
Spelt flour
20 g
4 pieces
Baking powder
1 piece
Dutch cocoa
2 teaspoons
20–25 g (orange)
Dr. Oetker Zlatý klas
1–2 pieces
Curd cheese
625 g
Preparation process
  1. Whisk egss together with the sweetener
  2. Mix oatmeal, casein, spelled flour, baking powder, cocoa and direct to egg base (add water / milk according to need)
  3. Pour the dough onto the erased baking form (or use spray oil) and bake for 15- 20 minutes at 180 °C
  4. Prepare the curd cream by mixing the curd and sweetener (according to the consistency of the curd, you can also use stifener (Smeta-fix)
  5. Mix BCAA and sweetener in water - The golden cob (agar, gelatin). Prepare according to the instructions by using BCAA instead of pure water.
  6. On the chilled Body, pour the curd cream and the jelly on the top
  7. Let it cool down

Enjoy your meal!

For more information about benefits of oats click here. 

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