Enhanced vitamin C – sodium ascorbate

2. 2. 2018

The Lie!
Pharmacies are full of non functional extended release capsules of vitamin C. Yes, dysfunctional, you read that correctly. This is just a marketing gimmick how to sell vitamin C for more money. Studies that were supposed to demonstrate a beneficial effect of the gradual release of vitamin C in the body, were a big disappointment. The fact is that the gradual release prevents the therapeutic use of this vitamin, and has an average of only 50% absorption.


Types of Vitamin C
Distributors of tablets use many methods of how to sell them... However, is it always the ascorbic acid, which may have several kinds of chemical purity. You can buy Vitamin C, in the drugstore or pharmacies generally in an average food quality. It is also the cheapest option. In specialty stores you can buy pharmaceutical quality. If you can, give priority to the pharmaceutical one.


Compounds of Vitamin C
If ascorbic acid is bound to the magnesium, calcium or e.g. sodium, acquires totally new properties and generally a higher bioavailability. The listed elements are alkaline, and thus these chemical bonds of vitamin C don´t over-acid the organism.

Instructions for making Sodium ascorbate

Example: 6 g vit. C + 3 g of sodium bicarbonate. You can buy powdered Vit. C in the drugstore DM for example.


The Use
Vitamin C is eliminated in the course of 2-3 hours. The period of absorption / excretion can be extended by eating a meal.


Increase in Efficiency

If the use of Vitamin C is used along with bioactive substances, which are found in fruits or vegetables,the biological activity of vitamin C increases up to 2,500% .. You can ideally mix and add the tomato puree into the resulting liquid.


The Dosage

Maximally 3-4 g per day (divided into several doses) in a long term usage. Generally, the therapeutic dose begins on 100 mg of vitamin C per 1 kg of the body weight. For a man who weighs 100 kg, would be the therapeutic dose be 10 g / day (divided into several doses).


Signs of Overdose

If you are using pure ascorbic acid, for example the capsulated one, it is safe to take the disposable kind up to 1500mg, which does not cause diarrhea. Another equally large dose can be taken in about 3 hours. If you take sodium ascorbate, this amount is significantly higher. You'll have to try it, but it is certain that a single dose of 3000 mg can cause no symptoms of overdose such as the Diarrhea. Normally, dosing can be used preventively about 5000 mg for an adult.


The Facts


Merging ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in a weight ratio of 2: 1. When adding water, it creates together a tasty drink that does not damage the tooth enamel. Use baking soda in a pharmacopoeia quality that you buy in a pharmacy only, you should never drink soda from the supermarket!

If you receive disposable vitamin C before your body can handle it, it will usually end up causing a diarrhea. Another manifestation, but less frequent, is hives or redness around the joints. Both have a reaction of the body that will rapidly eliminate the surpluses of vitamin C.

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